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You start your car, and the engine fails to turn over. You don't need a mechanic to tell you what's wrong. The dead battery lights up a picture of a car battery in your mind. Wouldn't it be better if there were no more dead car batteries?

There is such a thing as the best car battery, so you don't have to accept dead car batteries as inevitable! The best car battery is one that outlasts all others, giving you years of trouble-free service.

Our blog is designed to help consumers learn about and select the very best car batteries available today. In the process of doing this, we also help buyers learn how to keep the best car battery working at its best for years to come.

How We Choose The Best Car Battery Brands

Looking for the best car battery brands can be time-consuming. The Internet is rife with conflicting reviews from a variety of sources, making it difficult to discern which products are up to what they promise.

Car batteries are expensive pieces of equipment, so it's in your interest to get them right the first time.

It can be difficult to make a decision on which car battery you should buy, especially if you don't know much about them and have no background knowledge. A brand that's popular among a range of forums could be the one for you - or it could just be successful due to aggressive marketing. The one thing missing from forum discussions is hard evidence in the form of proper tests.

ACDelco Gold 48AGM

AC Delco batteries are known for their quality and longevity. With thick, corrosion-resistant terminals and large holding tanks, they can keep a charge for years.

How does this fit our Criteria?

ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries are ideal for ‘start/stop’ vehicle applications and can be repeatedly cycled without losing the ability to hold a charge.

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design of this battery is 100% leak and spill-proof because the electrolyte—the fluid that makes a battery work by carrying an electric charge through its cells —is permanently held in the glass mat separator instead of flowing within each cell. Oxygen recombination reduces water loss and reassures maintenance-free performance.

ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries last longer in traditional vehicle applications due to a maintained pressure on the plates, which significantly reduces active mass loss from the grid. (ACDelco Automotive)

Furthermore, these Batteries also come with a 36-month guarantee.

What We Love

ACDelco’s 94RAGM battery offers full replacement if any problem occurs with the battery during its limited warranty period. It provides long life and high performance due to its high-density negative paste, making it an amazing brand at an affordable price.

Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima batteries are known for their durability, condition, and ability to work in all conditions and orientations.

They provide batteries for different types of cars (SUVs, trucks), as well as standard models. The Optima 34/78 RedTop provides a powerful, energetic 5-second starting burst—twice that of conventional lead-acid batteries.

How does this fit our Criteria?

The heart of every OPTIMA battery is a series of individual spiral-wound cells comprised of two pure (99.9%) lead plates coated with layers that increase electrical conductivity and durability.

Spiral winding continuous lead plates—which are far more precision-controlled and expensive than traditional flat plate AGM batteries—are used in our unique manufacturing process.

To maintain quality and performance, custom automated cell-winding machines are installed. Critical tolerances, temperatures, humidity—and the automated processes that help ensure they stay within acceptable ranges—are all monitored constantly.

The unique SpiralCell design lets you enjoy strong and clean power—without the danger of explosion, fire, or chemical leaks. The higher reserve capacity gives you a longer shelf-life to give you sustained energy when it's needed most.

What We Love

The RedTop high-performance AGM battery has been designed with innovative technology that ensures a powerful burst of ignition power for reliable start-ups.

It will handle hard launches and extreme corners and is race proven for every road. This battery's reputation as a truck or automotive battery is unsurpassed.

ACDelco Gold 94RAGM

DieHard batteries are premium car batteries made to last for the lifetime of a vehicle. If you're looking for a battery that can stay in service throughout your car's life, DieHard is the way to go. They offer both heavy-duty and premium lines—the choice is yours!

The DieHard 94RAGM Advanced Gold AGM Battery is recommended for heavy-duty use because it can hold a large charge and withstand even harsh conditions. This special design protects the battery from leaks while sustaining itself in extreme situations.

How does this fit our Criteria?

AGM batteries are designed for use in stop-start vehicles, luxury cars that require high electrical loads, or sports cars with potent engines.

The Absorbed Glass Mat design is 100% leak-proof because the Electrolyte, or fluid that powers a battery is permanently held in the glass mat separator instead of free flowing within each cell.

Also, the recombination of oxygen reduces water loss, leading to longer life expectancy in traditional vehicle applications. ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries maintain pressure on their plates, increasing the time they can operate between charges.

ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries come with a 36-month Free Replacement Period.

WARNING: Battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. The batteries contain other chemicals known to cause cancer in California and should be washed off immediately after use.

What We Love

ACDelco AGM battery range is the pinnacle of advanced technology, delivering superior performance and unrivaled safety in today's most sophisticated vehicles.

The AGM separator is a unique combination of ceramic and rubber, which allows it to operate at much higher voltages than other types of lead-acid batteries.

Similarly, the addition of the AGM separator into a flooded battery dramatically reduces internal resistance—improving cycling ability, decreasing recharge time, and increasing cranking power even when the battery is only partially charged.

Bosch S6590B Battery

You may have seen this brand of a car battery in most auto parts shops. It is one of the most widely used batteries due to its affordability and high performance—as compared to other brands at the same price point.

The Bosch S6508B is an AGM battery, which means that it has passed rigorous testing to ensure its superior quality and reliability.

How does this fit our Criteria?

The Bosch S6590B battery is a replacement for your vehicle's original battery. It is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely while allowing you to save money on gas and maintenance costs. The Bosch S6590B is a 16-volt, 6-amp-hour battery that can be used in both cars and small trucks.

Furthermore, the Bosch S6590B is equipped with an automatic start circuit that helps prevent overcharge. This feature prevents damage to the starter motor when it's not being used for an extended period of time or at night. The automatic start circuit also protects your starter from overheating, which can shorten its lifespan.

The Bosch S6590B is a compact, lightweight Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 23 Ah. The Bosch S6590B is used in electric vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz B Class, Smart ForTwo, and Volkswagen Up! It has constant power even for short trips, stop-and-go traffic, or high consumption in stationary mode. The battery is also suitable for use in hybrid vehicles.

What We Love

Bosch supplies its customers—from individuals to repair shops around the world—with a wide range of spare parts for cars and trucks.

The roots of Bosch, currently a supplier of automotive equipment and systems, can be traced back to 1887 when Robert Bosch and his engineer, Gottlob Honold—in collaboration with other partners—built an ignition device for the stationary engine that revolutionized the industry.

In 1897, he installed one of these devices into a three-wheeler vehicle to see whether it was suitable for everyday use in motor vehicles. By doing so, he laid the foundation for what would become the company’s largest business sector: automotive electronics.

Kinetik HC600

The Kinetik HC600 BLU Series Power Cell Battery is designed for car owners who put a premium on high-quality sound systems and powerful engines.

Moreover, the 600-watt car battery can produce 800 amps of current, which is more than enough to start something with a high-end sound system and a V8 engine. The unit’s audio power cells are compact, durable, and powerful—perfect for powering demanding applications like these.

What We Love

The HC60-BLU can be used as a replacement for your car's standard battery or as an additional power source to provide the extra energy needed for high-performance aftermarket audio equipment.

This no-leak, ventless power cell fits most factory battery locations and powers the world's loudest vehicle without hazardous leaks. Kinetik HC Power Cells are used in competition vehicles that reach over 180dB!

Kinetik HC Power Cells have the lowest ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and greatest energy density of any car audio power cell on the market today, making them more powerful and reliable than other brands.

Apparently, Kinetik HC Power Cells have been used by top competitors along with car audio and video enthusiasts alike. With the rapidly growing voltage demands of today's hi-current amplifiers, Kinetik HC Power Cells will push them to their limits.

Another thing, Kinetik Power Cell Batteries maximize performance by delivering high amperage and enhanced durability. They are suspended with fiberglass mat separators that absorb impacts to improve impact resistance by 108% over baseline batteries.

How does this fit our Criteria?

The fiberglass mat separators, which are partially responsible for the battery's awesome amp power, enable it to handle a wide range of demanding amplifiers consistently for twice as long as traditional batteries can do.

Also, the mat separators act like sponges to keep the battery from leaking during use. They are also vibration-resistant, so they make sure that the battery will always perform at its best under any conditions.

Best Car Battery Brands FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Best Car Battery Brands.

What should I know about car batteries?

The battery is an essential part of your car, and you must know how to maintain it.

Battery maintenance is easier than you might think. You should be able to do essential maintenance on your own and even some more advanced repairs.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Battery Maintenance

2. Battery Replacement

3. How to Test a Battery

What is the life of a car battery?

Battery life is one of the most important factors when buying a car. If you need a new battery, you should note some facts about this device.

The average life of a car battery is between two and three years. This period can vary from model to model, but it is essential to remember that batteries are designed for specific vehicles and may not be suitable for others.

What type of car battery lasts the longest?

Lithium-ion batteries are the best. They last longer than other types of batteries.

However, there are times when you will want a different type of battery for your car. For example, if you have a lot of mileage on your vehicle, you might want to replace the battery to get more power out of it.


Buying a battery for your car can be confusing. Today’s range of batteries and variety of brands makes it difficult to know if you are purchasing the best car battery for yourself.

What’s the best brand for my car battery? The ‘best’ brand for any one application depends on price, quality, performance, and safety, which are significant considerations when selecting a car battery brand. While this might seem impossible, there are ways to narrow down your options.

We have compiled information from market research to find the best car battery brands with the highest quality and performance and specific reviews by other users who recommend them to help you select the most suitable one for your vehicle.

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