If you are looking for the best Halo headlights on the market, look no further.

We have done all the research for you and have come up with 5 of the best halo headlights available. These headlights will improve your driving visibility and make your car look fantastic.

All these headlights are easy to install, so you can enjoy their benefits in no time. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to suit your style.

Purchase one of these fantastic headlights today!

How do we choose the best Halo Headlights?

We have read thousands of reviews and compared dozens of products to create this list of best halo headlights.

When choosing the best halo headlights, we considered many factors, including brightness, beam pattern, ease of installation, and price.

Brightness: We look for headlights to be bright enough to see the road ahead but not so bright that they blind oncoming traffic.

Beam pattern: We want a beam pattern that will illuminate the road ahead without causing glare for oncoming traffic.

Ease of installation: We want headlights to be easy to install so anyone can do it.

Price: We want headlights to be affordable, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of LED halo headlights.

Here are the top 5 Halo headlights on our list:

WOLUEN 9 Inch RGB LED Headlights

chrome or black substrates
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The WOLUEN 9 Inch RGB LED Headlights are a great way to improve the look of your Jeep Wrangler JL. These headlights feature intensely bright LEDs that will light up the night and help brighten the road on a foggy day. They are made from high-strength die-cast aluminum and rigid polycarbonate lenses and are SAE and DOT-compliant. These headlights are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware. They also come with a Bluetooth controller so you can adjust the colors and functions of the lights.

Why we Love it

We love Inch RGB LED Headlights are some of the most versatile and dependable headlights on the market. They are designed with intensely bright LEDs that make night adventures much easier to see and can also effectively brighten the road during foggy days. The high-strength die-cast aluminum housings and rigid polycarbonate lenses offer long-lasting protection against various hazards, making them an excellent choice for those who want a durable and reliable product.

Additionally, these headlights meet the standards the SAE and DOT set forth so that you can be confident in their performance and safety. Mounting these lights is also simple and only requires light to moderate mechanical skills.

What You Should Know

Brand: ‎WOLUEN

Weight: ‎9.55 pounds

Dimensions‎: 22.8 x 11.3 x 4.9 inches

SUNPIE 7-inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights Bulb

Best Halo Headlights
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The SUNPIE 7-inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights Bulb is an excellent choice for those who want a durable and reliable product. These LED halo lights are made with high-power Cree LEDs that offer a higher brightness output and more focused light beam than OEM halogen headlights. Additionally, the headlight housing is made from die-cast aluminum for long-lasting protection, and the lenses are tough polycarbonate for added durability. The headlight also meets the SAE and DOT standards, so you can be confident in its performance and safety. Mounting these lights is also simple and only requires light to moderate mechanical skills.

Why we Love it

We love SUNPIE 7-inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights Bulb because they are high power and colorful. The headlights provide a halo of light that is beautiful and eye-catching. The fog lights are also RGBW and can be matched to the headlights for a coordinated look. The bulb is waterproof and has a built-in LED CANbus. This ensures that the bulb will work with your vehicle's electrical system. The bulb also comes with an H4-H13 adapter wire.

What You Should Know:

Brand: ‎SUNPIE

Weight‎: 6.47 pounds

Dimensions: ‎16.1 x 13.54 x 4.8 inches

Torchbeam 7 Inch Round Led Headlights

Torchbeam 7 Inch Round Led Headlights
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If you are looking for a headlight that will make your car look more modern and stylish, then the Torchbeam 7 Inch Round Led Headlights are perfect. These headlights feature a sleek and elegant design that will turn heads while driving down the road. Not only do they look great, but they are also designed to provide superior illumination compared to traditional halogen headlights.

Thanks to the advanced LED technology used in these dual halo headlights, you can expect to enjoy a brighter and more focused beam of light that will allow you to see more clearly when nighttime driving or in low-light conditions. Additionally, these daytime running lights are designed with your safety in mind. They are made to withstand the rigors of driving and provide superior durability compared to traditional headlights. When you install a set of this halo headlight on your car, you can rest assured knowing that you are providing yourself with the best possible visibility while also ensuring that your car looks great.

Why we Love it

We love SUNPIE 7-inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights Bulb as they are a great way to improve the appearance of your vehicle while also providing better lighting. The headlights are easy to install and use standard OE connectors, and they feature military-grade breathers for waterproofing and improved heat dissipation. The bulbs are 180% brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and provide a much safer driving experience.

What you should know

Brand‎: Torchbeam

Weight: ‎5.33 pounds

Dimensions‎: 15.86 x 8.23 x 5.08 inches

SUPAREE 7" round LED Headlights

SUPAREE 7" round LED Headlights
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Looking for a quality LED headlight that won't break the bank? Look no further than SUPAREE 7" round LED Headlights. These headlights are made with high-intensity Cree LED chips, three times brighter than traditional halogen lamps. They also feature halo angel eyes and an amber turn signal ring, making them more visible and vibrant to other drivers. Plus, they come with a control box and App, so you can efficiently operate and install them. And best of all, they're backed by a 2-year warranty.

Why we Love it

We love it as these bad boys pack a serious punch, outputting 3600 lumens of light on high and 1800 lumens on low beams. But it's not just about the brightness with these lights; they also feature halo angel eyes and an amber turn signal ring that makes your Jeep Wrangler stand out from the rest. Plus, they come with a two-year warranty so that you can be confident in their quality and performance.

What You should know


Weight: ‎5.24 pounds

Dimensions: ‎15.71 x 9.72 x 4.92 inches

MGLLIGHT 7 Inch LED Headlights

MGLLIGHT 7 Inch LED Headlights
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Are you looking for an upgrade to your car's LED lights? The 7-inch 40W LED headlights from MGLLIGHT are the perfect replacement! With four light modes, these headlights provide excellent safety and performance. The high-quality C-ree chips make the headlights 100% brighter than conventional lights, and the IP68 waterproof rating ensures good performance even in harsh conditions. The DOT-marked 7-inch headlight is also easy to install, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an upgrade.

Why we Love it

We love these halo projector headlights because they are made with original C-ree LED Chips, making them 300% brighter than other 7" round led headlights. They also have a beautiful light pattern and perfect cut-off line. Plus, they are DOT certificated and legal on the road. For the power, they have 4000LM@high beam and 3200LM@low beam at 6000K for each headlight. Lastly, they come with a 24 months warranty.

What you should know


Weight: ‎3.1 pounds

Dimensions: ‎14.72 x 7.52 x 4.21 inches

Best Halo Headlights FAQs

What is the point of Halo headlights?

Halo headlights are headlights with a halo of light around the perimeter of the headlight. They are often used to make cars look more stylish or visible on the road. Some people believe they can improve visibility while driving in bad weather conditions. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Are halo lights any good?

There are a lot of different opinions on halo lights. Some people love them and think they create a distinctive look that can't be duplicated with other light fixtures. Others find the halo effect to be too pronounced or artificial-looking.

The bottom line is that it's up to personal preference. If you're drawn to the look of halo lights, go for it! Just be aware that they may only be suitable for some situations, and some people may not like how they look.

Can you have halo headlights?

There is no definitive answer, as the legality of halo headlights varies from state to state. Some states allow them, while others prohibit their use. It's best to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if they are legal in your area.

Halo headlights are a type of aftermarket lighting that consists of a ring of light around the headlight bulb. They are popular among car enthusiasts because they give a car a unique look. However, they can also be expensive to purchase and install.

Are aftermarket headlights worth it?

The answer to this question depends on the quality of the headlights and how they compare to the stock headlights. Some aftermarket headlights are definitely worth the investment, while others may not be worth the money.

Doing your research before buying aftermarket headlights is essential because you want to save money on something that's not going to be any better than stock headlights. There are a lot of reputable brands out there that make quality aftermarket headlights, so it's worth taking the time to find out which ones are best suited for your needs.

Can you replace bulbs in sealed beam headlights?

It is possible to replace sealed beam headlights, but it cannot be easy. The biggest challenge is that the sealant that bonds the lens to the housing must be cut without damaging it, and a new adhesive must be applied.

There are a few ways to do this. One is to use a heat gun to soften the old sealant and then pry the lens off. Another is to drill a few holes in the lens and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the old adhesive. A third option is to use a specialty tool designed for this purpose.

What are the best halo lights for Jeep Wrangler?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best halo lights for Jeep Wrangler. One of the most important factors is the size and shape of the light. You want something that will fit comfortably on your Wrangler and look good. Another critical factor is brightness. You want halo lights that provide plenty of light to see clearly while driving at night. And finally, you'll want to consider the price and ensure you're getting a good deal.

What's the difference between LED and CCFL halo rings?

LED halo rings are typically brighter and have a longer lifespan than CCFL ones. Additionally, LED rings can be customized to any color, whereas CCFL halo rings are limited to a few colors.

How to choose the Best Halo Headlights for You?

We have shared the top 5 best halo headlights on the market today. But with so many different sizes, shapes, and colors available, how do you choose the best halo headlights for your car or truck? Keep reading to know how to make your decision.

Size and Shape

One of the first things you'll need to consider when shopping for halo headlights is the size and shape of the light. You'll want to ensure that the light is the right size for your car or truck. It will only make a statement if it's bigger. If it's smaller, it could look out of place. In general, most halos are about 4 inches in diameter. But there are also smaller options for compact cars and more significant opportunities for trucks and SUVs. As far as shape goes, you'll find that round halos are the most popular option. But there are also oval and rectangular halos available if you want something different.


Most halos come in one of three colors: white, blue, or yellow. White is the most popular color because it's versatile and can be used for style and utility. Blue is also popular because it adds a cool, high-tech look to any car or truck. Yellow is often a utility color because it's easier to see in foggy or overcast conditions. Of course, you can always go with a multi-color halo if you can't decide on just one color. These lights usually have three colors: white, blue, and yellow. They cycle through each color so that you can get the look of all three without having to choose just one.


When shopping for halo headlights, you'll also want to pay attention to brightness. Most halos range from about 200 lumens to 3,000 lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will be. Two hundred lumens will be bright enough if you're primarily interested in style. But if you need better visibility at night or in bad weather conditions, you'll want to go with a light with a higher lumen rating.


Now that you know our top picks for the best halo headlights, Tap the pictures above to find out more and see the difference they make for yourself.  With brighter light output, a better beam pattern, and even the ability to change colors, you won't be disappointed with your new halos. Thanks for reading and we hope this article was helpful!

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