Are you interested in cold brew coffee?

Yes! Cold brew is a great way to fix your caffeine without drinking hot coffee. It also has a smoother flavor than regular iced coffee.

We've compiled a list of the five best coffees for making cold brew. So we've covered you whether you like light or dark roasts and fruity or earthy flavors.

Check out our list of the five best coffees for a cold brew, and start brewing today!

How do We Choose The Best coffee for cold brew?

We considered the following factors when choosing the best coffee for cold brew:

Bean origin and roasting process

Looked for coffees that are specially roasted for cold brew and beans from regions known for producing high-quality coffee beans.

Flavor profile

We chose coffees with complex flavor profiles that would shine in a cold brewing method.

Customer reviews

We also considered customer reviews and overall satisfaction with using the coffees for cold brew.

We know you want to get your hands on some of the best products available without having to analyze every single one. That is why our editors spent hours researching each item, combing through thousands of reviews in order to find what really works for people like you who don't have all day (or money!)- so now there's no need to search any further because this list has everything!

P.S. AnchorReviews may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you (that's how we stay in business and keep bringing you the best finds to save you time).

Wink Coffee Cold Brew

Wink Coffee Cold Brew is included on our list for its smooth single-origin beans from Colombia and careful roasting process. This medium roast has delicious notes of cocoa, almond, and cherry compote, making it a standout choice for cold brew. Plus, Wink Coffee sources its beans sustainably and roasts them in small batches for maximum freshness. As a result, customers rave about the rich flavor and high quality of Wink Coffee Cold Brew.

Why You will Love it

You will love Wink Cold Brew because it is sustainably sourced, roasted in small batches for freshness, and has a delicious flavor profile with notes of cocoa, almond, and cherry compote. Plus, the beans are single origin from the Colombian Andes. Overall, you can feel good about enjoying this cold brew knowing it was crafted with care and attention to quality.

Real Good Whole Bean Coffee

Organic dark roast whole bean coffee from Real Good Coffee Co is on the list because it has all the qualities we look for in a delicious cold brew: bold flavor and pleasant acidity. In addition, this coffee is sustainably sourced and packaged, making it a responsible choice for the environment and your taste buds. And with tasting notes of bell pepper, cedar, and lemon, this coffee offers an exotic twist on your typical dark roast. Enjoy as a refreshing cold brew or a hot cup of morning joe.

Why You will Love it

Ethically sourced and delicious flavors make Real Good Coffee Co's organic whole-bean coffee a no-brainer for any coffee lover. Plus, their commitment to sustainability and recyclable packaging is a bonus. This is the coffee if you're looking for a delicious cup of morning joe with a conscience.

DEATH WISH Whole Bean Coffee

DEATH WISH Whole Bean Coffee is known for being the most robust coffee in the world, with a bold taste and intense caffeine kick. This dark roast coffee includes organic Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from fair trade farms around the globe. Enjoy a smooth cherry and chocolate flavor profile that will wake you up and keep you going all day long. With a satisfaction guarantee, there's no risk in trying this excellent coffee for yourself.

Why You Will Love it

You will love DEATH WISH Whole Bean Coffee because it offers a bold and intense flavor profile with notes of cherry and chocolate. It is also Fair Trade and USDA-certified organic, so you can feel good about supporting ethical sourcing practices.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

If you're looking for a delicious and smooth cold brew coffee, look no further than Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee. Their coarse ground coffee is specially engineered for cold brewing so that you can enjoy a consistently smooth beverage every time. But, of course, you can also brew it, adding more or less water to get the perfect strength for your taste. And it's all organic and ethically sourced from Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua. So if you're looking for a great-tasting and ethical cold brew coffee, go with Bizzy.

Why You Will Love

Cold brew is a great alternative to iced coffee because it's less processed, organic and vegan-friendly. It also has more flavor than its hot counterpart making for an ultra smooth drink that will keep your busy day going! I recommend trying out this recipe made with Bizzy Coffee who provides high quality ingredients at affordable prices--their medium roast has notes of caramelized sugar as well hazelnut within it which makes these coffees sweet but not overwhelming on taste buds

Stumptown Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee

Stumptown Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Each gift includes one 12 oz bag of our famous cold brew coffee blend and a hand-picked selection of three single-origin coffees from some of our favorite producing regions. These coffees are roasted to perfection and expertly packaged in a beautiful gift box. With Stumptown Whole Bean Coffee Gifts, you can share the taste of quality, ethically sourced coffee with your loved ones. Plus, every purchase supports our commitment to sustainability and a positive impact on our supply chain and community. So give the gift of exceptional coffee with Stumptown Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee.

Why You will Love it

Here are reasons why you will love Hair Bender:

1. Made with high-quality, ethically sourced coffee beans

2. Sourced from a B Corporation committed to sustainability and positive community impact

3. Delivered in a beautifully packaged gift set, making it the perfect present for any coffee lover.

FAQs about Best coffee for cold brew

How is cold brew different from regular iced coffee?

Cold brew uses room temperature or cold water to steep the coffee grounds, while iced coffee is typically regular hot brewed coffee that has been cooled and poured over ice. This results in a smoother flavor for a cold brew and less bitterness than iced coffee.

What is a cold brew concentrate?

A cold brew concentrate is a concentrated mixture of steeping coffee grounds and water that can be diluted with milk or water to make a cup of cold brew.

Can any coffee bean be used for cold brewing?

While any bean can technically be used, dark roast beans work best for cold brewing as they have a bolder flavor that can hold up in the cold steeping process.

How do I choose the best coffee beans for cold brew?

It ultimately comes down to personal preference, but generally, a medium or dark roast blend or single-origin bean will work well for cold brewing. But again, experiment with different types to find your favorite!

Can I make cold brew at home, or do I need to go to a coffee shop?

You can make a cold brew at home! You only need coffee grounds, water, and a container to steep the mixture in the fridge overnight. Many coffee shops offer cold brew on their menus as well.

How is cold brew different from regular iced coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in room temperature water for an extended time, while iced coffee is regular hot brewed coffee that is cooled and served over ice. This results in a smoother flavor and less acidity in cold brew compared to iced coffee.

What type of beans is best for cold brew?

Dark roast beans typically work well for cold brew because they have a bolder flavor that can withstand the prolonged cold brewing process. However, some people also prefer using lighter cold brew coffee beans for cold brews as they can result in a brighter and more vibrant taste profile. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

Can I use pre-ground coffee for cold brew?

It'sIt's not recommended to use pre-ground coffee for a cold brew as the grind size may not be optimal and can result in a weaker or overly bitter beverage. Instead, we recommend using whole-bean coffee and grinding it before brewing to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

Do I need special equipment to make cold brews at home?

While there are some best cold brew makers on the market, it's possible to make delicious cold brew at home using a French press or mason jar with a filter (such as a cheesecloth or paper coffee filter). Just be sure to adjust the ratio of grounds to water accordingly based on your chosen brewing method.

Is cold brew just espresso?

Although cold brew and espresso are coffee drinks, they are made differently.

Espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by forcing pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans. This process extracts the oils and flavors from the beans, producing an intense and concentrated coffee drink.

On the other hand, cold brew is steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold or room-temperature water for an extended period. This method produces a smooth, low-acid coffee drink perfect for iced coffees or cocktails.

What is the best ratio for cold brew coffee?

The best ratio for cold brew coffee is two parts coffee to 1 part water. This results in a coffee concentrate that can be diluted with equal parts water or milk to create a traditional iced coffee.

However, feel free to experiment with different ratios to find your taste best. For a more potent brew, use more coffee beans or let the concentrate steep for extended periods. And if you want a sweeter drink, add more sugar or honey to the recipe.

Why is cold brew coffee good for you?

Cold brew coffee is good for you because it contains less acid than regular coffee. This means that it's gentler on your stomach and less likely to cause heartburn or indigestion. It also has a smoother flavor profile than regular coffee, making it a great choice if you're not a fan of the bitterness of traditional coffee.

Is cold brew coffee healthier?

There'sThere's no definitive answer to this question since there's not a lot of research on cold brew coffee yet. However, from what we know, cold brew coffee is healthier than regular hot coffee because it contains less acid and caffeine. This makes it gentler on your stomach and can help you avoid the jitters and energy crashes associated with caffeine. Cold brew coffee is also said to taste smoother and more complex than regular hot coffee.

What are the pros and cons of cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a type of coffee made by steeping ground coffee in cold water for an extended period, usually overnight.

The advantages of cold brew coffee are that it has a smoother taste and less acidity than hot brewed coffee. It can also be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks without losing flavor.

The disadvantages of cold brew coffee are that it takes longer to make than regular hot brewed coffee, and it can be more expensive to buy pre-made or bottled cold brew coffee.

Is cold brew coffee good for weight loss?

Yes, cold brew coffee is a good choice for weight loss because it has less caffeine than hot coffee. Caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system, increase heart rate and respiration, and promote the release of stored body fat. Therefore, drinking cold brew instead of hot coffee can help you lose weight over time.

How to cold brew coffee?

Brewing your cold-brew coffee is easier than you may think. With some planning and the right supplies, you can enjoy delicious cold-brew coffee all week long!

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping grounds at room temperature or cold water for an extended period. The result is a coffee concentrate that can be diluted with water or milk and served over ice. Cold brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular due to its smoother taste and lower acidity levels. In addition, brewing cold brew coffee at home is easy and only requires a few supplies.

What You'll Need:

  • 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee
  • 1 quart of filtered water
  • A large jar or container
  • A fine mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • A rubber band


  1. Combine the coffee grounds and water in your jar or container. Stir to distribute the settings evenly.
  2. Cover the container with cheesecloth and secure it with a rubber band.
  3. Let the mixture steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours. The longer it steeps, the stronger the coffee will be.
  4. After steeping, remove the cheesecloth and discard the coffee grounds.
  5. Pour the cold brew concentrate into a glass or pitcher and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

When you're ready to drink it, mix equal parts cold brew concentrate and water or milk over ice. Enjoy!


We've covered a lot in this article so if you're looking for a great cold brew coffee go ahead and grab a bag from our  list of the five best coffees for making cold brews, so no matter what your preference is, you can find the perfect bean. We've also got links to purchase some of these beans online. So go ahead and stock up – cold brew season is just around the corner!

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